What is the guarantee to our clients our attitude toward quality?

The most important for our clients are quality of the raw materials, production and professional attitude toward all the participant in our business. In 2011. we implemented Quality management System in compliance to international standard ISO 9001:2008 in order to provide constancy and improving of the quality level. Beside years of tradition and experience, this certification by international Accreditation Body is an additional guarantee of quality. ELITAS delivers top quality products that has a strong impact to our clients' image and their signage elements' maintenance cost reduction, by visually appealing, modern and servicabile designs and by implementing top quality raw materials, quality processing and finishing.

It is important to highlight that we follow and apply world trends in our industry sector, which also confirms high level of ELITAS own quality standards.

Therefore, our attitude toward quality provides safetly, functionality and realible operation of our products to our clients.


How does quality of your signs affect to your image? How do your signs represent you? What impression about your and your way of doing business your signs create in public?

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