ELITAS integrates the whole visualization process or just do designing. If production should be performed in ELITAS, our procedure consists of consulting with our Production department on the matters of feasibility, solution compliance with the client, draft up of the pre-plan, which is the base for calculating financial offer for production, and finally major project is being designed after offer acceptance. If production in ELITAS is not included in the contract, the major project is being done right after receipt of client requirement for designing.

The purpose of the major project that ELITAS designs is to define technical details for production and installation in accordance with the contract, client's and ELITAS quality standards and professional rules, then to comply quality technical solution with adequate external look regarding to connections visibility, illumination homogeneity of the surface and to provide the simplest serviceability. Besides, if ELITAS produces the sign and other carrier transports, documentation includes required type of package that will provide to reach the destination undamaged. Designing the project of the sign requires engineering knowledge and experience as well as the project of any other complex construction. An implicit part of our procedures is optimization in design, production and installation so to always keep high quality of the materials and technological processes. Project provides proper materials application, in adequate quality, optimal quantity and as rational performance. Any product could be made in a few methods, but our project designers are graduate engineers with many years of experience in this field, who follow and apply world trends and technology innovations and create projects of stable and safe constructions and sets, which meet all necessary quality standards, visual appearance and other specified characteristics. Sometimes, it is difficult to fit technical requirements into low budget, but good communication and trust between us and our clients make base for successful project realization on mutual satisfaction.

Licenced engineers verify projects. In addition to its primary purpose, which is production, project and all its elements are required for obtaining permission.

Full project of lighting sign includes:

  • architectural and construction projects,
  • construction calculation,
  • project of electric installation and
  • technical control.

Finally, if ELITAS performs works, quality control and acceptance of the works comply with the major project. Warranty period starts from the moment of acceptance by the client.

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