ELITAS actively started to work in the filed of industrial and military electronics and automatization in 1995. However, then market requirements affected to redirecting our focus of activities to another field and we started signange business.

The mid-nineties, ELITAS equipped some casinos and the first bet in Serbia with lighting signs and LED displays designed for showing results. Facade sign at one casino entrance, shaped as a big lighting roulette displaying random numbers, was a hit sign then.

In late nineties, Jugopertol became our key client for whom we were performing petrol stations’ signage in Serbia then and over 10 years afterwards (lighting fascia of total lenght over 2 km, a large number of totems, guide signs and many other brand and information signs).

Beside Jugopetrol, another key client then was retail chain Pekabeta. We performed exterior and interior signage for them, by the system „turn-key“. Afterwards, all MAXI brands’ signs followed.

In the same period, ELITAS started bank branches’ signage.

Popular „Air Screen“ signs, proposed for advertising campaigns, were installed in rows on over 2000 public lighting poles in Belgrade, Novi Pazar, Banja Luka and even Slovenia and Austria.

ELITAS implemented LED technology in its own production and the first significant application was facade sign for popular Belgrade arena. We designed our own LED modules and have started mass application since then.

Rebranding of Jugopetrol petrol stations, afterwards NIS, in a few variations (fascia with vinyl or alubond display, pillar signs, etc.), has been actual since now and ELITAS performed it on the majority of petrol stations in Serbia. When Gazprom Neft arrived in Serbia and took shares in NIS, ELITAS has taken part in petrol stations’ rebranding again, by doing production and installation of visual communication elements.


Our employees, with their extensive knowledge and experience in various fields and their willingness for innovations, contribute to making ELITAS a choice of those clients who want to improve their image by up-to-date signage technologies application. Nowadays, ELITAS has over 35 employees, (among which there are over 30% of engineers), sophisticated equipment, appropriate vehicles, arranged workspace and up-to-date technologies implemented in own production and therefore it is capable to respond to the demanding requirements of modern visual communications.







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