Graphic design process of the signs includes creating visual apprearance and effect and adjusting it with servicabile construction!

Some of our clients have Industry standard books that define visual effect, dimensions, selection and quality of raw materials. However, to some clients who do not have defined visual appearance and materialization of their sings ELITAS proposes the best solutions in the circumstances. In the process of visualization our team gathers sales manager, who manage the contract realization for the client, appropriate profession engineer who cares about feasibility and designer or architect. The team comes to the location to survey. Survey includes insight into the surrounding of the building, locating the best positions to place signs, capturing and measuring. Afterwards, sales manager and graphic designer/architect create proposal of visual appearance in collaboration with building/mechanical engineer, thereby integrating client initial requirements and needs, the most attractive visual appearance (adjusted to clients type of business and its targets), feasibility and provided budget (if data is available). Visual appearance proposal complies with client and then follows pre-plan creation and finally financial offer.



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