We can design and develop measurement, regulating and control electronic and automating devices by the customers desire, in commercial, industrial and military classes.


3.1. Level meter

RMN-620 – provides corrected work of coal disposal system using ultrasound, with measurement range of 0.5 to 5m in IP65 casing and operation temperature range from -20 to +60oCoC.


3.2. Flowmeter

Ultrasound based flow meter RMP-610 is electronic device used for volume measurement and a flow of non solid materials (coal, bauxite, garble, waste etc.) which are transported by belt. This a reliable device, constructed for open environment operation, moisture, vibration and EMI hardened. It consists of three parts. The first part are ultrasound probes, mounted right above transportation belt. The second part is electronic module 6NK10 which controls ultrasound probes and sends measured values to the third part, central module, set inside a control room.

Technical specifications:

  • Power supply: 220V~, +/- 10%, 50Hz

  • Consumption 6NK10: 100VA

  • Consumption RMP610: 50VA

  • Ultrasound probe working frequency: 40kHz

  • Sampling rate: 30 sps

  • Temperature range: -20 to +60oC

  • Serial data: RS232

  • Max distance to control room: 10km

This equipment is successfully used in ex YU.


3.3. Detectors and alarms

Based on transmission, reflection and reception of ultrasound in the air at frequency of 40kHz. Usable for detection of presence, movement and counting of objects, animals and people.


3.4. Devices for magnetic therapy

Magnetic therapy is a method recognized by medicine as therapeutic means. Device RSM100a (200b) provides medical therapy and treatment by slow modulated magnetic field of low frequency (1 to 25Hz). These devices are developed and manufactured in accordance to medical experts and by their specifications. Produced commercially as a set with one mattress and one probe. RSM210 is used professionally with multiple probes and various frequencies, for therapy and healing in clinics.


3.5. Device for fast condenser charging

RSM-250 s high-voltage laboratory device for rapid charging of energy storing condenser for laser technologies. It is a switching power supply with adjustable output.

Technical specifications:

Output power: 250W

Power supply: 220V! (RSM250) or battery (12V= - RSM 250b)

Operating voltage: 450 – 650V

Accuracy Vref +/-1%

Vref rezolucija: 1V

Average output power: 165W

Charging rate: up to 200Hz

Monitoring output: 10V-full/0V-empty

Dimensions: WHD 269 x 120 x 260 mm

Weight: 4 kg.

Operation temperature: 0 to 45o Co C


3.6. Digital heater controller

EDG-101 – 8-bit heater controller up tp 25kW, galvanicly isolated, with minimal interference.


3.7. Digital thermometer for industrial applications

EDT-200 – working temperature from -40 to +55oC, +/- 1oC accuracy, supply 12V=/1W, dimensions Φ60x30mm.


3.8. Device for measurement and counting of pieces cut from a strip

RRB-601 – intended for control of number of pieces and length of cardboard panels after cutting (range from 10 to 100,000 psc) with built-in alarm before final cut and with additional backup with Ni-Cd batteries.


3.9. Sports training in-field

Equipment consists of up to 16 light poles on mobile support, with autonomous supply, controlled from central unit. Two way radio link assures complete flexibility and reliability.


3.10. Servo apparatus

Analog and digital motion and position servos with electromotors, hydraulic and pneumatic drive, equipped with sensors (potenciometer /encoder) used in robotics, industry and military.


3.11. Advertising equipment with sound efects and melodies

Devices have possibility of recording and reproducing up to 8 sound records, lasting 90 sec each. Recording is available using built-in microphone or audio input.


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